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2019-08-01 10:18:38

1.Excellent shock absorption, general fitness riders need a balance between comfort (wider seat) and performance(narrower seat). The optimized design lets you enjoy both. Your down force is more on your legs and handle bars, and partially on the saddle. comfort.
2.Noseless design-- Patented, new design that eliminates the "nose" part of the traditional saddle. Eliminates pressure on the perineum area resulting in improved blood flow. Gel Padding. Smaller Seat Base than the Touring Saddle for more athletic riding.
3.Integrated injection molding -- These saddles's design is much better for human factors, support a forward-leaning riding position and gear you up for the next outdoor adventure.
4.Elbow and elastic fixed frame -- Cyclists looking for the perfect balance between comfort and performance have finally found their saddle. The optimized design enables cycling enthusiasts to allocate their weight onto the legs, arms and partially the rear, making a forward-leading riding position a comfortable experience.
5.Passed strict test -- Our saddles have passed SGS Vibration Test, 6000 miles Riding Test, and 180kg Load Bearing Test, there is no need to worry about the they are not stable for safe riding.





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