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2019-07-04 09:31:57

Material: PC/Aluminum
Battery: 3*AG13 button battery
Product length: 7.5cm
Switch: light sensor and movement sensor
LED: 7 pcs colorful LEDs 
Patterns: 12 different kinds of patterns, patterns will be changed every 3 seconds. Pattern is clear and completely when speed up to 25km/h.
Equipped with light sensor and movement sensor, flash only at night and action. Only at night,indoor or low light and the bike moving dual situation the lamp will light.
Both schrader valve and presta valve are available.The outter is presta valve of the conversion mouth,aftering spinning off the mouth,it is schrader valve.
When riding, the positive effect of light may be brighter than the opposite,but it will not affect the results
It will not work and save power when not riding

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