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2019-07-03 14:21:28

Material: ABS
Color: Black
Weight: 0.15kg
Product size: Tail light: 7.5*6.3*2.5cm
                        Remote control: diaeter: 5cm; height: 2.3cm
Work with 2pcs AAA battery, easy and convenient to find and use, can work up to 24h.
1pc CR2032 battery for remote control, which can work up to three months.
64 pcs High-Brightness Led Lights
Work modes: Tail light mode, Turn signal mode
Waterproof, available for using in any weather
How to start and match code:
Long press host 1s to switch on (all the lights flash three times), and long press host one second again to switch off (all the lights flash one time). When it is switch on, the left red light is flashing, long press 3 seconds to Match Code (host showed C), then press any key of the remote controller to finish the setting.
How to dismantle the battery case:
You can use something like screw o pens to priza the battery case, there is a screw in the package
About two work modes:
Click the "OFF" button to enter the turn signal mode, then you can click the left or right button to show different turn signals 
Click the tail light button to enter the tail light mode, patterns begin to display
Package includes:
1 pc Bicycle Rear Light
1 pc Wireless Remote Control
1 pc Holder
1 pc Gasket
2 pcs Nylon cable wire


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